2015 Nailpolish Trends

Nails are important parts of our outfit and having the right nail polish can often make you stand out more than shiny accessories. The trends in 2015 show us that there will be a change when it comes to nails, as some of the things we have been accustomed to over the years are starting to be different. For example, some of the trends actually suggest that women should only polish parts of their nails in order to create an interesting effect. However, let’s see the main trends when it comes to doing your nails and what the brands have brought in this season.


Cool metallic shades

Have you ever wondered what would look absolutely gorgeous on your nails? It’s always metallic shades because they bring out your hands and make your nails look precious. This is an almost permanent trend as it has been seen for a couple of years now. Make sure that you choose what suits you with a few pointers in mind; this year the most sought out colours are grey, gold and red. You will absolutely love those superb colours and they can be paired up with anything.

Natural colours and natural length and shape

A few years ago there was a huge trend with nails being very sharp and almost claw-like. That is definitely over as we have seen a rebirth of natural looks in all aspects of fashion. It seems that fashion designers and trend setters have managed to take those who want a more comfortable and natural look into account. This means that you can trim your nails short and medium with half circle shapes, all extremely comfortable alternatives.

Matching Nails With Everything Else

Another trendy thing to do this season is to make sure that your lovely nails match your lips and other garments you have on. The designers showed a lot of ways to make sure that these match, from makeup that is similar to your nails and stands out the same, to nails that have the same colour as your shoes and handbag. Whatever you do, don’t wear the same colour for all the elements of your outfit.

Red and Bordeaux

With marsala being the color of the year, everything else will also have to be red. Make sure that you stay in the trend and bring these lovely red accents as elements to all your outfits this year.