Amazing Skirt Trends

Skirts are great pieces of clothing, they can make you look feminine and they are also perfect for any occasion. All women should have a favorite skirt that looks good on them. If you are thinking of buying a skirt, you have to make sure that you follow the 2011 trends. The great designers already inspired us for this year’s trends so let’s have a look and see what will make you be the diva of 2011.

Mini skirts – these will probably never be out of fashion. However, this year they come with a twist. They need to be wide and voluminous, but they can come in any pattern and material you desire. The best are floral patterns that will make you feel more feminine than ever. With that romantic look in mind, you can combine any floral patterns to create a unique outfit.  If you don’t like floral patterns you can always choose one with geometrical shapes. Also, you can combine them with sexy boots or with some nice shoes and you are set for a great evening.  The colors you should choose are orange, red, pink, cobalt or yellow to announce that spring-like look. Also, blue and white can be perfect colors for spring and summer.

Long or midi skirts – they are a must have this season. Long skirts are perfect for anybody regardless their body type and they can be combined with almost everything. This year the skirts become longer and longer as the designers propose 50’s style skirt. You can match them with a sweater or with a nice blouse. You can definitely wear a long skirt that looks shabby with a pair of boots for a perfect look. You can choose to emphasize the lower part of your body with a skirt that has an electrical color or something that stands out. This way you can attract people’s attention there and not on your upper part if you think that’s not your best. Also, with long skirts you can also conceal an imperfection by choosing a neutral or a darker shade for your skirt while emphasizing your upper body with a floral blouse or a color that stands out. The combinations are unlimited and you will always find something perfect for your shape.

With this year’s trends there are many models to choose from so make sure that you get something that looks good. Also, if something that’s not in trend looks good on you, wear it and accessorize it with trendy things or add another piece of clothing that is in trend. There’s no need to avoid wearing things that you like and look good just because they are out of fashion, the key is to look trendy without necessarily wearing only trendy clothes.