Best Colorful Dresses For A Wedding

Weddings are the perfect opportunity for showing off your sophisticated and chic fashion sense. You do not need to wear something too showy or extravagant to look classy. The important thing here is to keep things as simple and possible and avoid light colors as these are too bridal looking. You should skip pale shades like nude, ivory, cream and dusty white as these look too much as a bride’s second dress. Instead, opt for dresses in bold colors and simple lines. These will attract the right kind of attention and will remind everyone that when it comes to fashion you are a true expert.

  1. Pink floral motif lace dress.

If you love pink then go for a bright shade like fuchsia. This looks great on all types of skin tones and hair colors. It is feminine, bold and super-chic. A very inspired style is a romantic floral motif lace dress with a V cleavage, ample skirt and spaghetti strap. Pair it with high heels nude sandals and you are good to go. It is perfect for a summer wedding, no matter if this takes place on a beach, in a garden or at a classy restaurant. Either way, you will look spectacular.

  1. Red dress with spaghetti straps

For a sexy and sophisticated look you want to choose a pencil red dress with an irregular hem line, a tall cleavage and double spaghetti straps. This style is very modern and feminine. It is just the thing you need to get all eyes on you. The color, the lines and the surprising details make it a sensational statement piece. Wear pumps in a solid color and you will be the star of the night.

  1. Yellow lace dress

Lace is wonderful when it comes to approaching a romantic and chic look. It has that feminine sweet vibe that enchants you at first sight. And this yellow lace dress is no exception. Its deep V cleavage, pencil shape and clean look make it the ideal choice for a formal wedding or a cocktail reception. Wear it with simple and elegant jewelry and high heels and heads will turn.

  1. Green dress with twist detail

This dress is apparently very simple, but its vibrant color and modern twist detail make it a very unique and hot fashion statement. It is that type of city dress that is perfect for the office, for special events like weddings and for late night drinks. Plus, it doesn’t need too much accessorizing. Wear simple shoes and simple, classy jewelry and you will look flawlessly chic.

  1. Blue one-shoulder dress

This season, one-shoulder dresses are really hot. Opt for a bright blue one-shoulder dress with an ample skirt and be prepared to make an impression among other guests. Skip the necklace, wear just a simple pair of earrings and let the one strap be the focal point of your look.

  1. Purple one-shoulder dress

There are one-shoulder dresses and there is this unique one-shoulder dress with dramatic sleeve detail. The oversized sleeve wraps around the shoulder in a very feminine way and embraces the waist beautifully. This purple dress is a very remarkable design that looks gorgeous on all body types.