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Neutral Makeup

Let’s be honest, makeup is a girl’s best friend. You can correct so many things with makeup and become absolutely stunning with just a few touches. The trends for makeup this fall and winter will definitely bring it to the next level. The first ...Read More


When most people think about fashion accessories; not many people think of tattoos as an accessory. But they are considered a fashion accessory trend that is highly sought after not only the permanent ones but the temporary tattoos as well. When deciding to get ...Read More

Classic Fashion Items

There’s nothing more elegant than having several classic fashion items and mixing them together in a cool outfit. In this article you will learn some tips that will definitely help you obtain that sophisticated look you always wanted with classy items. Pearls and dresses ...Read More

Hair Accessories

Hair is one of the woman’s seduction weapons and it can definitely change our whole look if we decide to change it somehow. With an accessory that shows a lot of personality you can definitely make an improvement. Here are some of the trendy ...Read More

Hair Trends

This season a feminine look is definitely one of the main trends and hair is probably the main symbol when it comes to showing a feminine aspect. Even if you don’t have incredibly long hair, you can still manage to create beautiful hair by ...Read More

Pencil Skirt

If there is one item that will always be in style, that is definitely a skirt, to be more exact a pencil skirt. What is a pencil skirt? The pencil skirt is a skirt with a straight cut that is just below the knee. ...Read More

High Heels

High heels are probably the most popular timeless fashion items. Even if the trends are all about flats, even if everybody is promoting comfort and sport items, high heels never die. These shoes will probably be a fashion item forever. Jimmy Choo, Prada and ...Read More

Timeless Design Of Chanel

There are very few people who haven’t heard about Coco Chanel. She was one of the most influential women in fashion and she is also deeply respected by feminists who consider her the one who managed to break the barriers of constraining clothes that ...Read More