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High Heeled Hiking Boots

Although they might not be as practical as the original ones, high heeled hiking boots are making a lot of waves this season and it seems that everybody loves them. The combination between the rugged design of a hiking boot and the elegance of ...Read More

Tips To Select Comfortable Shoes

When buying shoes you need to look for the latest trend but never underestimate or forget the power of comfortable footwear. High heels look great and are always trendy but you can also buy flat footwear with the same trendy effect and they won’t ...Read More

Air Jordan Sneakers

Air Jordan Sneakers are not just sports shoes, they have become a symbol for those playing basketball. The shoes have a great history behind them and a very interesting evolution. It first started when Michael Jordan won the national title and a gold medal ...Read More

Choosing The Perfect Shoes

The shoes and boots that match perfectly with a dress are the ones that make your legs look elegant and beautiful, that go well with the whole style of your clothing and last but not least that are comfortable for walking and dancing. All ...Read More

High Heels

High heels are probably the most popular timeless fashion items. Even if the trends are all about flats, even if everybody is promoting comfort and sport items, high heels never die. These shoes will probably be a fashion item forever. Jimmy Choo, Prada and ...Read More