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Black Onyx Men Bracelets

Great jewelry helps to accentuate nice clothing to give an elegant overall look. Intricately crafted men’s bracelets can help any man to look fabulous in neat dressing. Bracelets come in handy for wear with official clothing or even casual clothing during weekends out. A ...Read More

Nuvati Floating Diamond Watch

Zanis & Co. might not be a name you immediately recognize when it comes to fancy watches but it definitely gained popularity with their new Nuvati Diamond timepiece collection. The collection is not just beautiful but also extremely expensive and with their edgy design ...Read More

Elegant Watch Boxes

When it comes to watches, the market diversity is stunning and the variety of products can satisfy each and every taste and caprice.  And this new generation of men has started to enjoy the concept of a well done watch and all of the ...Read More

Top Celebrity Fashion Watches

Celebrities were always linked to famous watches, but there are some brands that really used certain celebrities to make sure that a certain style of watch manages to gain popularity. Here are the most well-known advertising campaigns for fashion watches and the celebrities who ...Read More

Lips Jewelry

Wearing lip jewelry is a habit that can be traced back centuries ago to South American civilization. African tribes also used to attach jewels to their lips, some of them uncommonly big like plates or huge rings. For Eskimo people, wearing lip rings was ...Read More

Bling Is Back

Bling is back with a vengeance, and it’s not about urban culture this time. The world of high fashion seems to embrace bling for the 2015 – 2016 season, and while there are certainly limits to the amount you can display to stay hip, ...Read More

Timeless Fashion Accessory

If you like to stay in fashion and always look good, you know that it is all about the details, or in this case, about the accessories. For both men and women, the watch represents and key part of every outfit, not only because ...Read More

Xetum Kendrick

A lot of you might not know about the Xetum Kendrick watch company since it’s very new, but one thing is certain, their watches are simply amazing and everybody should own one. These watches are simple watches that manage to have an amazingly cool ...Read More

Fakes – Are They Any Good

At some point we are all tempted by the possibility of buying a replica designer watch for a couple hundred dollars. The idea of having a watch that is identical to the original product, but costs only a fraction of its price gets our ...Read More