Classic Fashion Items

There’s nothing more elegant than having several classic fashion items and mixing them together in a cool outfit. In this article you will learn some tips that will definitely help you obtain that sophisticated look you always wanted with classy items.

Pearls and dresses – there’s something about pearls that makes a woman look amazingly feminine; whether is their texture or the fact that they are very expensive, we never know, but it is certain that a woman wearing pearls is definitely elegant. You can mix pearls with most dresses, especially classic ones like “The little black dress” or a 50s dress with a wide cleavage and some red nails to match that whole combination. You can also choose to wear pearls with more casual outfits like something you can wear at the office. Pearls work really well with elegant pants and a white shirt, so you can safely wear them even at the office or during business meetings.


Red shoes and other items – a pair of red shoes is definitely a classic fashion item, but a lot of women find it hard to match it with something of similar sophistication. One thing is for sure, you can definitely match it with an elegant dress and you don’t even have to make it the same color. Actually, the dress should be colored in a totally different color for a trendier look. When it comes to handbags, these also don’t need to be matched with the color of your shoes, so you are safe in that area too. For an 80s look you can opt for classic jeans and red high heels, that will definitely look amazing and you will turn a lot of heads. Opt for a simple shirt or blouse as a top and you are ready to go for a casual meeting.

There are many combinations that can be done with classic fashion items, you can always combine different types of materials with some jewelry and even try crazy things like combining elegant fabrics with more casual ones; it doesn’t matter as long as you feel good and comfortable wearing them.