Exotics, mystery and love energy for summer

When the summer comes in full force, thoughts about relaxing days and hot nights become alive. The fashion trends for the hot days fully correspond to the idea of the natural beauty and colours of the season.

The mystic East in combination with exotic hot “latino” blood comes directly from the fashion catwalk to make appointments to the podium. Carolina Herrera, a designer with Venezuelan origin, has shown a mix of exotic volumes, shapes and colors. Her dresses are imprinted with calligraphic elements, prints of flowers and hummingbirds. The length is to the knee, feminine fabrics with huge cut and discrete, tight body, are used not only to present, but also mainly to underline the romantic and mysterious female figure.

Ribbons are also in vogue and can be used as an integral part of each model.  Long thick cloth, folded under the breast line or thin and almost invisible on the cross: the designs for summer offer all possibilities. Carolina Herrera has presented traditional costume from Korea in a modern and sexy look. Inspired from the XVIII century it has very fashionable details: a silk cord around the waist, split seams, floral prints, fake plates and inscriptions from the same century. Colors are ivory, beige and the very popular in summer orange. The olive notes, grassy green color also make the feeling of a green, blossoming garden. Embroideries of flowers, leaves and eastern motifs like porcelain lotus are very welcome.


Another possibility to look at the East traditions and culture is to be inspired by the Vivienne Westwood models for summer. The starting point of her collections is again the freshness and warmth of the season. Westwood is inspired by the Japanese theater, priestess of love and Tutankhamun. Mini and maxi extravagant forms of crinoline, corset with matching masks describe her look at the hot emotions of the season. References to past civilizations and many heart-shaped details can be found in her collections.


Voluminous dresses and skirts in extended cut, split into sheaves and shoulders draped bodices reveal the silhouette of the modern woman. And here the same eastern detail can be found: a ribbon belt around the waist. Black and white mini corsets show bare belly and can be worn with long flared skirts. Huge volumes of crinoline dresses are wrapped in leather belts with several metal accents. Very fashionable are shirts and skirts in check fabrics. The length is at least above the knee.