Fashion Shopping Around The World

New York is the top destination for fashion shopping. The shopping there is unforgettable! New York designers’ boutiques are the most famous in the world and the fashion items there are often in huge sales. Design goods for less money in a cult city – this is the dream of every shopping tourist!

 fashion shopping

Paris and Milan are the European important places for fashion shopping. The two fashion capitals have everything – from designer boutiques to bohemian shops. Afternoon shopping tour on the Champs Élysées will not only give you the possibility to buy top fashion items, but it will you bring you in the happiest mood. A look behind the shop windows of the incredible Italian city will be like to have a meeting with the world’s top designers at once. A popular shopping on Via Montenapoleone is only for connoisseurs!

In London they do best for nice shopping of everyone from all over the world. You may follow this perfect shopping route: from Knightsbridge, home to stores Harrods and Selfridges, in the streets Bond, Oxford and Kensington High Street, to the Kings Road in Chelsea and Fulham Road. We would suggest you to use the early hours of the day fro shopping in the Britain capital.

 If you would like to visit a bit unknown, but extremely nice place for shopping in Europe – go to the north, to Copenhagen. The Danish capital is really expensive, but together with a wide and interesting selection of popular international brands, here you will find the amazing local, Scandinavian fashion houses. The city is compact and easy to navigate because the shopping is concentrated in the center – the famous pedestrian Strøget.

Really in the south and much cheaper, compared to Copenhagen is Barcelona. The Catalan capital is one of the fastest growing shopping destinations. You may shop fashion items from world known brands, together with very interesting Spanish brands. Do not forget to relax with traditional food and drinks, as well as walks along La Rambla, which will bring you to lovely views of the Mediterranean coast.

Leaving Europe, the devoted buyers should investigate the markets of Bangkok (Thailand). At any time of day, there can be found a department store, boutique or mall with great reductions of several items: from top brands fashion to a cheap trinket. If you are energetic enough and have the time needed, be sure to visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which has over 9000 stalls, arranged thematically – from vintage clothing to pets and spices. If you don’t know anything about traditional Thai textiles, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the special shops.

Both diverse culture and traditions make India a real shopping paradise. Luxurious silk and other unique textile fabrics, jewellery from natural materials, incredible miniature paintings, hand-knitted carpets – everything can be found on the shops and markets. And all is beautiful and cheap.

On the contrary is Dubai – the real diamond in the crown of the United Arabian Emirates. Dubai is the fastest growing top shopping destination for fashion followers. Malls with amazing architecture with significant reductions are next to luxury hotels and sandy beaches.