Hair Accessories

Hair is one of the woman’s seduction weapons and it can definitely change our whole look if we decide to change it somehow. With an accessory that shows a lot of personality you can definitely make an improvement. Here are some of the trendy accessories of 2014.

Metallic Accessories – We already know that metallic is the trend this year and it shows itself in the hair accessories too. You can choose whatever type or shape you want for your hair accessory and it will definitely make you look like a princess. As long as you make sure that it’s the right thing for that occasion, your hair will look perfect.

Flower patterns – Flower patterns are a trend in clothing or nails so it was absolutely necessary to be a trend when it comes to hair. 2014’s woman has flowers in her hair with a touch of the 60’s to it. Combined with the fresh colors that are found in clothing and makeup this woman will express freedom, happiness and youth. You can choose whatever size or color you want as long as it looks good with the type of hair you have. If you have long hair, big flowers are a good decision, but if you have short hair you should stick to small flowers.


Headbands – We already talked about how this year’s hair is inspired by the 60’s, now we are sure about it. There are different types of headbands and if you like flowers you can use both. Another important aspect of headbands is their placement. You can choose to put it on the top of your head and more to your forehead or you can place it a little lower. These both create different hairstyles and it’s always great to experiment.

Headwraps – these can be a wonderful addition to your clothing this year. Don’t think about Indian headwraps, think more lightly, less voluminous.   You can make them yourself from a scarf or a certain material you like. They are definitely in this year and it would be a waste not to try them at least once.

Many people overlook hair accessories when they are so fun to wear and can create such amazing looks. Make sure that you try some of them this year or at least experiment a bit in front of the mirror; you will definitely find something suitable that will make you look great.