High Heels

High heels are probably the most popular timeless fashion items. Even if the trends are all about flats, even if everybody is promoting comfort and sport items, high heels never die. These shoes will probably be a fashion item forever. Jimmy Choo, Prada and Gucci are very famous for the shoes they have, especially the high heeled shoes.

High heels have been around since Ancient Egypt so they are probably the definition of “timeless fashion accessory”. Even if there are a lot of people against high heels, most women are definitely big fans of these.

high heels shoes

Although high heels are amazing and they can make your feet look better, there are some things you need to consider when you are buying a pair of shoes: make sure that they fit well, make sure that they are made of leather or materials that will not harm your skin, and make sure that the heel is comfortable enough for you to walk with. You should also remember that a lot of researchers found out that wearing high heels for a long time can cause foot and tendon problems and they also have an increased risk of sprains and fractures. On the other side, there are enough reasons to make you want to wear them.

It is said that high heeled shoes make a woman’s legs appear longer, your foot appears smaller, you are definitely taller and you will have a better posture. Also, it seems that women who wear high heels have more toned legs.

The most popular type of high heels is stilettos. Stilettos are probably the most uncomfortable high heels to wear. However, they probably look the best. A stiletto heel is a very tall and slim heel. If you want to dress sexy, these are the right type of shoes for you. If they also have metal heels, they will probably look even better. Paired with a short dress or skirt, they will look absolutely gorgeous. If you are very tall, you should probably avoid really high heels and stick to medium heels. Contrary to the popular belief, wearing extremely high heels while being short doesn’t really make you look taller; actually, you should never wear exaggerated heels because it draws attention to how short you are.

Even if a lot of feminists are against high heels, considering that they might objectify women, we all know that we can’t live without them. This fashion item is definitely a must if you want to be elegant, feminine and sexy. Remember to wear your high heels proudly even if you are having a bad day