How Skate Shoes Became The Epitome of Fashion

Skate shoes have had quite the journey becoming the epitome of trendy. The 60’s and 70’s were the decades in which skateboarding was slowly evolving into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. It was always a sport that created its own brands some of which have become some of the biggest name in urban fashion since then.

The pioneering years of the sport made the flat sole Converse sneaker a cult classic. Their popularity has never really declined since then but a strong comeback in the early 2000’s made them one of the most recognizable names in urban fashion world wide. Since then numerous brands like Vans, Airwalk, DC, DVS or Globe to name just a few have slowly changed the way the world looks at sneakers.

The flat sole was great for skateboarders as its wider surface meant more grip to the skateboard, allowing them to jump higher and have overall better control. But the technical reasons were very quickly set aside by esthetic ones as the simple design and shape with a general two tone color pattern won a lot of fans that weren’t necessarily into the sport.

They also became popular because of their increased durability. As the sport grew so did the demand for better equipment. So skate shoe brands focused on thoroughly testing and adding features that would make them more resistant to the rough surface of the skateboards grip tape. So people who bought them without the intention of riding a skateboard were glad to see that their pair generally outlasted every other pair of shoes they ever had.

Big brands like Adidas and Nike picked up the model and made the skate shoe even more popular. Today it represents one of the staples of urban fashion and summer or winter, rain or shine, you’ll have a hard time finding someone without their comfortable pair of skate shoes. They are marketed worldwide and can be found in big outlets as well as in small urban shops or your local skate shop. If you don’t have a pair yet, make sure you get one and you’ll never go back.