Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is the perfect outfit for many occasions and also a comfortable way to feel feminine and sexy. The great thing about this dress is the fact that it can be worn by women with various types of body shape because it gets tighter on your waist and makes you very feminine. This style was first introduced in the 40s and women also used this flare pattern for the lower body when they wore skirts. Here are some tips on how to wear the maxi-skirt depending on some of your body characteristics.


If you are petite or small framed and want to wear a maxi dress you need to make sure that it doesn’t look like it’s covering you completely. A V-neckline can do the trick here but so can choosing a sleeveless one. Also, don’t forget to add heels to look taller and slender.

When you are plus size, a maxi dress is the perfect pattern for your body because it hides the problematic areas while giving you a really elegant shape. Also, if you are going for prints, choose big prints instead of little ones, it will make you look slimmer. The V-neckline will also advantage your body because it gives such a beautiful shape. Make sure that you are wearing wider straps if your arms are thick and want to make them look a little smaller. Also, don’t forget the heels because they will elongate you giving the impression that you are taller and also look slimmer.

Accessories are always welcome and you can combine the maxi dress with all kinds of beautiful jewelry, even the most colorful that doesn’t go well with other clothes. Pair it up with flip flops and put a flower in your hair and you are ready to go to the beach.