Neutral Makeup

Let’s be honest, makeup is a girl’s best friend. You can correct so many things with makeup and become absolutely stunning with just a few touches. The trends for makeup this fall and winter will definitely bring it to the next level.

The first type of makeup that will be trendy is something really neutral. Forget about mascara and black eyeliner; just add a little blush on your cheeks, a neutral tone like beige or light brown on your eyelids and you are ready to go. If you want to achieve that look but a little more intense you can use dark brown and grey but it will really have to look effortless. Young, natural, perfect skin is the best thing you can choose so make sure that you buy a high end concealer and foundation. You have to look like you are not wearing any makeup but you sparkle. Other trends show a little bit of mascara but nothing on the lids.

Another trend to more natural makeup is bronze smokey eyes. Think about the 60’s and the false lashes they used back then and do that makeup. With peachy colors, browns, beige, bronze, and golden you can really achieve that sexy smokey eye without looking too artificial.


On your lips you will have to choose neutral tones and really light colors that match your skin tone. Pink, neutral browns and rose lipsticks are the best tools you have. Also, don’t forget to buy matte lipsticks because shiny lipsticks will just look unnatural. If you want a shiny touch on your lips you can use a lip-gloss or a bit of shiny lipstick in the middle of your lips. That will also make your lips look fuller and give your mouth a nice shape.

The sun-kissed look is definitely in trend and you can easily achieve it by applying a bronzer on your forehead and where you usually apply your blush. You can also do some contouring on your face with the bronzer if you want it to look slimmer. Just find your cheekbone and draw a smooth line with bronzer underneath it.

Make sure that you choose colors that match your skin tone, peach and golden work best for those with light skin and brown and copper work amazing for those with darker skin. Whatever you choose, make sure it is your style and you feel comfortable wearing it because the trend is all about natural and comfortable.