Levi’s Jeans

Have you ever noticed that jeans are always in fashion? It’s true that every season there are different cuts and styles but at the end of the day, jeans are probably the most common fashion item; we all have at least one pair and ...Read More

Big Names in Men Fashion

After the real London Fashion Week with all collections, the true connoisseurs stay another day, which is dedicated only to men fashion. All designers of men’s wear, situated within the London, have showed their clothing pieces on the official day of men within the ...Read More

Scarves for Any Season

Contrary to popular belief scarves are not just for winter anymore: they can be used in all seasons and with all kinds of outfits from dressy to casual. Imagine yourself on a beautiful day spending time at the races; there are women that just ...Read More

Handbag for School

When it comes to dressing up for school, a lot of young women make mistakes, either being too casual or too elegant. However, the most important aspect is having the right handbag so that you are able to carry your books but still feel ...Read More

Nuvati Floating Diamond Watch

Zanis & Co. might not be a name you immediately recognize when it comes to fancy watches but it definitely gained popularity with their new Nuvati Diamond timepiece collection. The collection is not just beautiful but also extremely expensive and with their edgy design ...Read More

Fashion Secrets You Need To Know

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Elegant Watch Boxes

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Timeless Pinafore Dress

The pinafore dress has been around for quite some while and over this time it has become a classic fashion item that has character and style. The look is quite familiar to most people and there are many color designs to choose from. If ...Read More

High Heeled Hiking Boots

Although they might not be as practical as the original ones, high heeled hiking boots are making a lot of waves this season and it seems that everybody loves them. The combination between the rugged design of a hiking boot and the elegance of ...Read More