Pencil Skirt

If there is one item that will always be in style, that is definitely a skirt, to be more exact a pencil skirt. What is a pencil skirt? The pencil skirt is a skirt with a straight cut that is just below the knee. A lot of women favor the pencil skirt because it is a great way to dress for work. This skirt will never be too short for your office but isn’t too long so that it makes you look old.

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Christian Dior came up with the modern pencil skirt, creating a revolutionary fashion item. There are many ways to wear a pencil skirt because it is quite a versatile item but the classic way to wear it is with high heels. There’s nothing more feminine than a woman wearing high heels and an elegant pencil skirt that matches the rest of her outfit.

If you are planning to make or buy a pencil skirt you should always have in mind the fact that the pencil skirt shouldn’t be extremely tight. Make sure that it is a bit lose for your own comfort. If you are going for the classic look, your pencil skirt should be simple. That means that it shouldn’t have any pockets, zippers, or strange patterns on it. If you want a more modern pencil skirt, try one with a simple pattern but avoid those skirts that seem to have too many elements on them.

A lot of women avoid wearing a pencil skirt because they believe they are designed for slimmer figures, but this is completely wrong. You can wear a pencil skirt even if you have more curves or you are overweight. Just make sure that it is below your knee and you get a model with a higher waist so that you can hide your tummy.

Don’t forget about stockings when wearing your skirt but avoid fish net stockings, they are everything but elegant. You can choose stockings with a pattern just make sure it is a simple pattern and the stockings have a neutral color. You will also have to add a shirt or a jacket to your outfit to make it look even more elegant, even though you can wear the pencil skirt with any kind of top you want. Don’t be afraid to combine colors and create really unique looks because that’s what it will make you stand out in the crowd.