When most people think about fashion accessories; not many people think of tattoos as an accessory.

But they are considered a fashion accessory trend that is highly sought after not only the permanent ones but the temporary tattoos as well.

When deciding to get a tattoo a lot of factors play into getting one that represents you and your personality and where that tattoo is placed on your body that can make a statement as well.


Whether you choose the so called “tramp stamp” which is known as a tattoo that is on your lower back, this is the latest trend when it comes to tattoos as well as the wrist tattoos, or the sleeve tattoos.

Whatever type of tattoo you choose make sure it is what you want because once it is permanent it is hard to remove, that is why a lot of people opt for a temporary or air brush tattoo, they look like the real thing but last only a few days, so you are not stuck with a tattoo that you may later regret.

The most common tattoos are on the ankle, wrists and lower back as well as the belly button. My sister in law got the prettiest tattoo I have ever seen on her belly she is of Irish descent and she got a circle of green clover with a Celtic cross that was simply gorgeous the color that was used was a beautiful shade of Kelly green.

So tattoos can make a fashion statement by the colors and the designs you want, as I stated earlier make sure you pick a tattoo and a color that you can live with because once it is there, you are pretty much stuck with it, and it is expensive and time consuming to remove.