The 50s Look

The 50s were some of the most beautiful years in terms of fashion, women were incredibly elegant and men were also very classy and handsome. The 50s look is a very feminine one so it will probably look amazing on any girl. Fashion historians believe that the femininity that was portrayed at that time was so prominent because of the First and Second World Wars. Women had to work in factories while men were fighting for their country; also, there was a shortage when it came to beauty products and so the industry had to produce only the basic cosmetic products. That led to a bit of frustration because women didn’t have a lot of options when it came to makeup. So in the 50’s there were a lot of shades of red lipstick available which has become a symbol of that era. Also, there were many types of pink and plum shades that gave women a very sweet look. If you are thinking about Audrey Hepburn’s makeup, you know exactly what type of lipstick we are talking about. When it came to eye makeup women had long lashes and used neutral tones as eye shadow.


The dresses were also very flattering and they shaped women to look more like they were having an hourglass figure. Flare medium skirts and dresses are a symbol of that era. Also, the top part was either buttoned or with a rectangular shaped cleavage.

The shoes were rounded and had platforms, just like the trends today because they made legs look very beautiful and gave women that school girl innocent look.