Wedding Dress Trends

If you are planning your wedding in 2019 you definitely have to make it in style because it’s a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

When it comes to hair you can choose a chic updo hair that will definitely complement your face. You can also add a few flowers that will complement your face and give you that romantic look. If you want long hair you can definitely add some hair extensions, long wavy hair is definitely a must in 2019. Hairpins with flowers, crystals and even silk will give your hair a stunning look and they are also this season’s favorites.

The color trends for weddings will be latte, fuchsia, coral and grey. A great idea would be to choose one of these colors as your theme for your whole wedding and even the cake. Your maids’ dresses should also match your colors so make sure that everybody looks good in that color. Since flowers are the main trend this year a dress with flower patterns will have a great touch to everything.

Lace is also a great trend if you want to have a unique design on your dress. You can choose a white lace dress that will not only give you a romantic style but also that vintage look that is also in style.

Flared long dresses are also a must if you are looking for that innocent 60’s look. It’s perfect for a woman who really wants to be feminine and you can also add some accessories with flower patterns to enhance that look. A long wavy dress is perfect for those women who don’t want to look too vulgar on their wedding day. You can also use a white dress if you want to go for that classy look and this style will surely work with that color.

For accessories you can always choose those that are always in trend, like diamonds or pearls. They look wonderful with all the styles mentioned above and they will also give you that timeless elegance you want to have on your wedding day.

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