Winter Hair Trends

The hair is probably one of the most important features of a woman so it must be taken care of and it sure has to be in trends. Here are some of the trends we should all be expecting for 2015.

For blondes there are a few colors that will definitely be in style. Platinum blonde is in style again, but make sure that you have straight shiny hair. You can also go for a minimalistic haircut that will look absolutely stunning with a platinum blonde hair color. You should remember that this color only works for women with fair skin so if you have olive skin, skip it and go for a darker blonde. Make sure that your hair is super healthy when you go platinum blonde because this color will definitely deteriorate a lot of your hair and you don’t want to get that ashy messy look. If you have a darker complexion a caramel blonde or a honey blonde will look amazing on you and both of those colors are in trend now.


If you love red, you will be happy because this season wild red is in fashion. Of course, natural red is always in style so if you are a natural redhead don’t destroy that beauty, be proud of your hair because it probably looks gorgeous.

If you want dark hair you can always go for a chocolate brown or a black but make sure that this also matches your complexion. Your haircut is also important so make sure that it fits the shape of your face. If you have a round face make sure that your hairline ends below your jawbone to lengthen your face. If you have an oval shape big beautiful curls will definitely suit you, avoid straight hair because it will make your face look even longer. Short hair will look amazing on all types of faces except rectangular face because it will make it look more androgynous.


Bob haircuts are also in trend but make sure that you don’t try to do them at home, get your haircut at a saloon because bob is a really hard haircut to achieve and there are different styles to choose from. Asymmetrical hair is also a great trend for 2015 and you can definitely get it if you want to choose to look wild.